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SunCut Super Water Proof UV Milk SPF50+ PA++++

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Kose SunCut Super Water Proof UV Milk SPF50+ PA++++

The highest sun protection level SPF50+ PA++++ can completely block the sun damage. It is added with hyaluronic acid to form a water barrier to prevent moisture loss and prevent the skin from becoming dry due to the sun. After use, the skin will not feel tight. Plus 10 kinds of beautifying plant essences continuously moisturize the skin, while moisturizing and controlling oil, soothing and calming, and continuing to resist oxidation, bringing comprehensive protection to the skin!

With super waterproof function, it melts into the skin and continuously blocks ultraviolet rays. Even if you sweat, it can continue to protect and resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Incorporate Allergies Guard technology

Sunscreen also protects the skin, blocking dust, pollen, dirt, and other air pollutants. Hypoallergenic formula: no mineral oil, no fragrance, no coloring

Gentle moisturizing water-feeling sunscreen series can quickly blend into the skin without leaving white marks! It has a moist texture and can be used as a primer before makeup. It can be cleaned after a simple cleansing procedure. It is most suitable for daily use!

Squeeze an appropriate amount onto the palm and apply evenly on the face and body. Repeat after every few hours to maintain the sun protection effect. It can be cleaned with general cleansing products when it is removed.