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La Bonne Paris

UV Celsius SPF 30

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    La Bonne Paris UV Celsius SPF 30

    Powerful and transformative, our pioneering broad-spectrum SPF 30 daily defense and anti-aging sunscreen works to both shield the skin from sun damage, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. More than just a sunscreen, the advanced extra lightweight formula works to lock in hydration, fighting moisture loss to ensure as much smoothness as possible, targeting both wrinkles and fine lines to visibly lessen their prominence. An exceptional blend of moisture-quenching Silk Protein actives and barrier protective UVC-Citrine filters improve the look of fine lines, dark spots, and helps boost the skin's elasticity for enhanced suppleness. The multi-purpose ultra-nourishing sunscreen absorbs quickly to provide superior protection without the greasy or sticky residue while delivering long-lasting hydration, also providing toning and tightening benefits to promote a visibly smoother, more refined complexion. Delaying the look of cellular aging, the anti-aging properties in the sunscreen strengthen the skin's natural barrier and minimize oxidative damage for a radiant, youthful, more even, and healthy complexion.

    Silk Celestine: Reinforcing the skin through biomimicry, Silk proteins hydrate and boost depleted collagen and skin elasticity for a visibly lifted appearance with enhanced skin texture and smoothness.

    UVC Citrine: Activating the anti-aging protein Klotho, eliminating UVB-induced cell damage caused by environmental stressors. Stimulating collagen production, UVC Citrine delays cellular aging and smooths out fine lines, minimizing redness and preserves dermal fibers for a youthful-looking appearance. 

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    UV Cream
    Silk Celestine     UVC Citrine  
    Apply everyday to a clean dry face, neck and décolleté 15 minutes before sun exposure. Avoid contact with eyes and clothes. Our broad-spectrum UV Celsius sunscreen should be the last step in your skin care routine and applied before moving onto applying makeup. Recommended Steps: Cleanse > tone > moisturize > UV Celsius > makeup.