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R.N.A.POWER Airy Milky Lotion

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SK-II R.N.A. Power Airy Milky Lotion is lightweight and easy to absorb. It helps to achieve firmness of the skin by rejuvenating skin cells and promoting structural protein synthesis in every skin cell. It brings you the next level of firmness: lengthwise-crosswise firmness from every angle. The penetration of essence allows the ingredients to reach deep down into the skin, consolidate its own collagen structure, make the skin more compact and fuller, and regain beautiful face contour.

The cream is formulated with high-end cosmetic technology, combined with RNArchitect Complex and innovative moisturizing molecular structure, effectively improve skin texture, reduce pores, wrinkles and reproduce the fullness and compactness of youth.

The lightweight and refreshing texture is easy to be absorbed and not sticky. It makes the skin moist and full, feels comfortable.
A revolutionary formula that can penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum, allowing the skin to be elastic from the inside out, improving the symptoms of aging, diminishing expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles, and regaining the youthful face contour.
RNArchitect Complex comes together with the concentrated PITERATM, water-soluble soybean and yeast protein to provide high-moisturizing effect, promote metabolism, and enhance skin's hydration and gloss. Embrace a future of youthful beauty.


RNArchitect Complex: Combined with concentrated PITERATM , water-soluble soybean and yeast protein to enhance collagen structure and firmness.
PiteraTM: SK-II’s signature ingredient that effectively promotes skin metabolism and has the effect of adjusting skin pH balance and repairing skin.
Chlorella extract: Increases skin elasticity and firmness, reduces wrinkles.
Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4: Improves skin texture and radiant.


Take a pea-sized amount of the lotion and dot on foreheads, cheeks and chin. Spread it softly from the center, outward to entire face. Avoiding eye area and gently massage until thoroughly absorbed.