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Clear Turn Medicated Whitening Mask

  • mask sheet whitening masks
  • KOE412465
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    Kose Clear Turn Medical Whitening White Skin Mask - All-in-one mask where one sheet plays six roles for preventing the freckles and fine lines caused by dehydration. Add it to your daily skincare regime for highly translucent, plump skin. Bulk package-type with fifty sheets.

    Formulated with tranexamic acid for whitening effect!

    Active whitening ingredient that controls melanocyte activity that could cause spots. This is a quasi-drug active ingredient approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. It suppresses the generation of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.

    Three-layered structure sheets of Rayon-Pulp-Rayon. Safe and secure material that intertwines fibers using the water jet manufacturing process which does not require glue paste. Fits so well, enabling considerable and effective delivery of the beauty essence into the skin.

    Pure sheet made of downy hair surrounding cotton seeds give little irritation. The fine, soft fibers provide perfect contact with the skin to fit the eye area. Delivers beauty essence efficiently to the skin.