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Power Up Radio Frequency System

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Dr. Bauer Power Up Radio Frequency System helps to enhance collagen synthesis and skin elasticity. It can also effectively dredge lymph, so that toxins and excess water under the skin will be drained away.

In result, the skin will be tightened; Wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles will be reduced; The shape of upper arms can be tightened.

  • Made in Korea, the output frequency of 0.5 MHz (MHz) is used
  • Add eye treatment function
  • Energy increased by 20%, the effect is faster and more significant
  • Through skin contact, the dermis will be heated, by stimulating the cells, the cell will guide collagen to reborn.

Top Ten performance:

1. tighten your eye bags and reduce your dark circles
2. Raise the sagging eyes, eye contours
3. Enhance lymph circulation
4. Reduce double chin
5. Improve the pores
6. Smooth the wrinkles caused by forehead and daily facial expressions
7. Reduce edema and dark yellow color of the skin
8. Raise the face contours and tighten the sagging face
9. increase skin elasticity, restore compact
10. tighten the upper arms' line

  1. Apply appropriate amount of  Ultra RF Cream on treatment area (eyes/face/neck/arms)
  2. Wash hands thoroughly, remove all RF Cream
  3. Turn on "Power Up Radio Frequency System"
  4. Hold the handle tightly
  5. Press "On/Off" button once
  6. Press "Level" button to choose type of treatment and level of heat
  7. Massage the treatment area (eyes/face/neck/arms) using the enamel head
  8. When the treatment is finished, 0 will be shown on Time display.
  9. Turn off "Power Up Radio Frequency System", and wash the enamel head to keep it clean
  10. Wipe off RF Cream on treatment area