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VITA DE REVE Herbal Vitalizing Lotion Mask

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A sheet-type lotion mask saturated generously with special lotion Vita de Rêve. Blended with extracts of four Lamiaceae plants: sage extract, perilla leaf extract, wild thyme extract, and rosemary water. It works on skin that is easily troubled with the changes in the season and from complex environmental factors. This unique lotion that helps to create reborn skin that is even more resilient and healthy.

Wraps you in the fragrance of herbal spice to refresh even your mood. Masks are made from 100% high quality natural cotton. Highly elastic, adhering perfectly to the skin.


Use before lotion, or in place of lotion. Remove mask from its sachet and spread it out carefully. (Take care to avoid getting liquid on clothes whilst doing so.) Pick the mask up by the forehead, align with your eyes and place on your face. Pressing with your hands, adhere the mask onto the forehead, cheeks, around the mouth and either side of the nose. After 10 minutes, remove mask and blend any remaining liquid into skin well.