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Naturactor Nourishing Pack

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Naturactor Naturactor Nourishing Pack

A peel-off type pack that refreshes the skin while removing dirt from pores and dead skin cells.

Just use it once or twice a week to make your skin firm and transparent.

・Fragrance-free, coloring-free

・Essential oil blend

(Orange oil, Pelargonium odorant oil, Bergamot fruit oil, Damask rose flower oil, Ylang-ylang flower oil)

・Plant-derived moisturizing ingredients

(bilberry leaf extract*, rosemary leaf extract*, soybean seed extract*, turmeric rhizome extract, licorice root extract, dokudami extract, aloe vera leaf extract, avocado oil)

*Organic certified ingredients

・Prepare your skin with lotion, milky lotion, etc. before using, and you can remove it cleanly without putting a burden on your skin.・Take a amount from the tube into the palm of your hand, and spread it thinly, avoiding the eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and hair, and wait for a while.・When the edge of the paint floats slightly and turns white, it is a sign that it is ready. When it is completely dry, peel it off little by little from the chin.・Using after bathing or warming your skin with a steamed towel to open the pores will help remove dirt from the pores.