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Nano Whitening Deep Cleansing Oil

  • deep-cleansing cleansing oil
  • YUM129519
    300ml / 10oz
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    YUMEI Nano Whitening Deep Cleansing Oil


    Based on main ingredients of Camellia Oil with excellent skin affinity, this cleansing oil clearly wipes out effete matters and makeup remains deep in your skin without irritation.
    This oil not only works for perfect cleaning, but also gives the effect of treatment with face washing, making your skin clean and clear. Nano tech allow the cleansing oil quickly spread to your skin and deeply clean every pore, it makes your skin soft with treatment effect as well as cleansing effect.
    With clean touch and no irritation on skin, it keeps your skin healthy and moist after cleansing with sufficient water-retention effect.

    1. Be careful not to wet your hands or face before use.
    2. Pump out proper amounts of oil on your palm and apply them evenly throughout your face with fingertips.
    3. Remove the pollutant of foundation on your skin by massaging them outward.
    4. Dip cosmetic puff in a cleansing oil and remove point make-up.
    5. Massage your face with lukewarm water until it whitens, then rinse out thoroughly with lukewarm water.
    6. And then wash out warm water.