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PlayShifu Interactive STEM Toy Tacto Coding (Kit + App)

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    PlayShifu PlayShifu Interactive STEM Toy Tacto Coding (Kit + App)

    PlayShifu Interactive STEM Toys - Tacto Coding (Kit + Apps) | Visual Coding Games for Kids | Preschool Educational Toys | Early Coding | Exciting gameplay and bite-sized sequential thinking code.

    PlayShifu's TACTO CODING helps early learners think through code with exciting gameplay and bite-sized sequences. Did you know that it was designed and created by coder parents?! Tacto makes coding fun and easy by interacting with VISUAL elements instead of code blocks. Kids use real figurines, hands-on games that turn tablets into coding adventures!

    Unlike many coding suites, Tacto Coding focuses on a lot more than just direction-based coding. It combines the basic concepts of coding - input and output, looping, sorting, decomposition and branching. But, through an engaging and age-specific story!

    Suitable for ages 4-10, there are 3 different games with over 200 challenges that get harder and harder as you play them. Children can play and learn for longer and progress to advanced levels than other sets that tend to fit a smaller age range.

    The box contains 2 frames and 5 figures (draw, spin, slide and 2 function figures). Fasten the 2 frames to the side of the tablet and place the figure in the slot. Pick a game and start your coding journey - share the fun with Mr. Buffy, or go on a treasure hunt with Moka-Ika!

    Compatible devices: Tacto Compatible with various tablets: iPad 5th generation and above (iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1 not supported) Android Tab 7" and above, minimum 2GB RAM (Samsung Tab A and S7+ not supported), Fire HD 10 - 2021 (Fire 7 not supported). The Tacto app is fully downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and works even without the Internet (no ads or in-app purchases).

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    PlayShifu Interactive STEM Toy Tacto Coding (Kit + App)