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STEM Toddler Parent-Child Cheese Push Music

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    Kidrise STEM Toddler Parent-Child Cheese Push Music

    Assembly Difficulty: (5 is the most difficult)

    Parent-child interaction|No scene restrictions|Color recognition

    Puzzle STEM interactive games have become an indispensable choice in children's toy boxes, allowing children to enjoy the game and feel the fun of interaction, brainstorming, experience different game fun, exercise children's observation ability, cultivate concentration, Expand thinking skills.

    children's puzzle

    Interactive games can exercise children's hands-on ability and logical thinking, and can enhance the ability and confidence to play with their peers.

    parent-child entertainment

    Grow up with your child in interactive games, relax your body and mind, promote parent-child relationship, and make the courtroom relationship more harmonious and harmonious.

    high-quality raw materials

    Made of safe materials, it is smooth and meticulous, and the surface lines are smooth and smooth, so as to protect the health of the baby.

    game ready

    1. Place the round sticks on the cheese bread

    2. Place the mouse on top of the stacked rods

    Games start

    1. Start with the youngest player and continue playing clockwise

    2. Turn the pointer of the macro disk in the middle of the game disk, and then push the round bar according to the color indicated by the pointer

    3. Use the game stick to push out a round stick carefully, don't disturb the little mouse

    4. The player is the last player until the stack of rods is fully pushed by the player

    5. Other players decide the outcome based on the number of round bars on hand. The more round bars they get, the higher the ranking.

    Product parameters

    Applicable age: 3 years old or above

    Material: Environmentally friendly ABS material

    Dimensions: 26cm x 8.5cm x 26.5cm

    Number of players: 1-4 people

    Accessories: bread and cheese table x1, four-color round stick x48, four-color round stick cover x48, color turntable x1, little mouse x1, game stick x2

    Made in China, or with Chinese Simplified Packaging and Instructions

    **Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offers (discounts or gifts)

    Mainland China
    STEM Toddler Parent-Child Cheese Push Music
    Puzzle STEM interactive game has become an indispensable choice in children's toy box Expand thinking skills.