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Amazing Toys

CONNEX Science 125 in 1 STEM Kit

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    Amazing Toys CONNEX Science 125 in 1 STEM Kit

    Assembly difficulty: (5 is the most difficult)

     Do-it-yourself fun science

     Build fun games and challenge your friends with 125 science activities

    Basic units include:

    Fantasy Maze

    ✔️ Test your concentration

    ✔️Test your hand flexibility

    ✔️You can twist the coil at will to change the difficulty of the maze

     Fantastic fighting dinosaurs

    ✔️Vivid head and tail swing

    ✔️ Learn about the science of dinosaurs

     Magic Aim and Shoot

    ✔️ Challenge your shooting skills

    ✔️Basketball board that can swing left and right

    ✔️Test eye and hand coordination

    Magic Bubble Machine

    ✔️Learn the physics of soap bubbles

    ✔️Squirt the flying bubbles

    Magic UFO

    ✔️High-speed rotation, take off more than one meter

    Product parameters

    Applicable age: 8 years old or above

    Weight: 1kg

    Material: ABS plastic glue | PP plastic | metal wire

    Dimensions: 39 cm (length) | 33 cm (width) | 6.5 cm (height)

    Batteries: Use seven AA batteries (not included)

    Made in China, or with Chinese Simplified Packaging and Instructions

    **Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offers (discounts or gifts)

    Mainland China
    CONNEX Science 125 in 1 STEM Kit
    CONNEX® series STEAM science educational toy products have their unique combination functions and rich entertainment fun. Children can not only learn various ️ mechanical assembly skills and basic  circuit knowledge in the process of playing, but also can collect other products in this series to combine together to create different interactive gameplay  Children can learn from various interesting scientific experiences To different scientific knowledge, integrate learning into entertainment.