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Child Enlightenment Cognitive Game Matching Puzzle Cards (Number Cards)

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    Pinwheel Child Enlightenment Cognitive Game Matching Puzzle Cards (Number Cards)

    Digital double-sided puzzle

    Cultivate Observation Ability | Promote Cognitive Development | Double-sided Big Puzzle | Early Childhood Education

    Pinwheel originates from the United Kingdom and is a play brand focusing on enlightenment, learning, puzzles and games for children aged 0-8.

    game numbers

    Digital enlightenment, rich cartoon animals, digital recognition, various animal patterns guide children to recognize, carefully matched colors stimulate color recognition.

    Counting Enlightenment

    Cultivate the concept of numbers, excellent scientists, start with counting, cultivate the concept of numbers, match colors and patterns, and exercise children's observation ability.

    Why use a double-sided puzzle?

    The combination of pattern words helps memory, bright colors promote visual development, and develop cognition to promote children's thinking.

    Pattern word recognition collocation

    It is a good helper for learning words. It can exercise children's small hands in building games, and learn words and recognize more small animals in entertainment.

    Pattern matching game

    There will be corresponding animal patterns on both sides of the back of the card. Children can play building games by observing and pairing the same animal patterns. It is suitable for young children to exercise their observation ability.

    The quality is guaranteed, and the children are more assured when they play

    Compliant with safety certification, natural virgin pulp, vegetable ink, odorless and non-toxic, natural virgin pulp, 3mm super thick material, more durable and not easy to rot, round fish design is specially considered for children, vegetable ink printing is odorless and non-toxic. Embossing process, feel more comfortable.

    Product parameters

    Applicable age: 3 years old or above

    Material: natural virgin pulp, vegetable ink

    Package size: 18 x 16 x 1cm

    Puzzle Size: 11.8 x 8cm

    Number of puzzle pieces: 40 pieces

    Weight: 1kg

    Because the size is all measured by hand, there may be slight errors, please refer to the actual product

    Made in China, or with Chinese Simplified Packaging and Instructions

    **Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offers (discounts or gifts)

    Mainland China
    Numbers enlightenment game, rich cartoon animals, number understanding, various animal patterns to guide children's understanding, careful matching of colors to stimulate color understanding. Counting enlightenment, cultivating the concept of numbers, excellent scientists, starting from counting, cultivating the concept of numbers, matching color patterns A variety of ways to play, exercise the development of children's observation ability. It is a good helper for learning words, exercise children's finesse in building games, and learn words in entertainment to recognize more small animals.