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Natures for

Natures for Blanca milk

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Natures for Natures for Blanca milk

● Lotions and creams are products of "water + oil + emulsifier". The ratio of water and oil basically determines whether it is an emulsion (less oil) or a cream (more oil). Mixing the originally incompatible "water" and "oil" is inherently "unnatural", but if the "emulsifier" is a natural ingredient, this problem can be solved. After years of research and development, Nioran has successfully produced a 100% natural ingredient emulsion using natural beeswax as an emulsifier.

● Beeswax is a natural ingredient that bees form when they make their hives. Compared with general chemical emulsifiers, it not only does not damage the skin, but also is an excellent skin care ingredient that can form a protective film on the skin surface. Plus 21 kinds of organic pesticide-free plant extracts such as Kakadu plum, jojoba seed oil, argan tree kernel oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil, etc., to balance water-soluble and oil-soluble nutrients for the skin, with whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging properties Aging and other comprehensive skin beauty effects.

● This product has moderate oil content, and can be adjusted freely with the same series of essential oils, so it is suitable for all skin types from dry skin to combination skin to oily skin. Suitable for all seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

● Satisfy skin cravings

● Balance of moisture and oil

● Dry root skin care lotion

● Beeswax emulsification technology, no chemical emulsifiers

● The epidermis is not sticky and has no film feeling

● Penetrates deep into the horny

● Use every night before going to bed, instantly plump and firm

● The next morning, skin is soft and smooth

● Dry, rough, dull...

● Block these muscle shortages, no longer fragile and repetitive

● Natural fragrance of rose and turmeric

● Direct access to cranial nerves through intranasal capillaries

● Deeply relieve the tiredness of the day

**Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offers (discounts or gifts) 

【Full Ingredients】Luffa Stem Juice, Jojoba Seed Oil, Ginger Leaf Water, Turmeric Rose Flower Water, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Fermented Alcohol, Glycerin, Argan Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Bilberry Seed Oil, Terminalia Nut Extract, Strawberry Saxifrage Extract, Peach Leaf Extract, Luffa Fruit Extract, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil, Sodium Beesate, Xanthan Gum, Ginger Leaf Oil, Rosehip Oil , Frankincense Oil, Mediterranean Cypress Leaf/Nut/Stem Oil, Geranium Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil.*100% natural ingredients, zero chemical ・Not even a drop of water (no pure water ingredients such as distilled water, purified water, etc. are added)
【Knock on the blackboard】● Apply horizontally, horizontally, horizontally!● Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot!● Above the collarbone is the face.【Daily use】● Avoid touching the mouth of the bottle, press 2-3 pumps into the palm of your hand, rub your hands evenly, and apply horizontally from the center line of the face to the entire face, neck, behind the ears, etc. (please pay attention to neck care).● Apply horizontally for best absorption.● It can be repeated according to the degree of dryness and your favorite.【Divided skin care, mixed skin care】● The so-called "not moisturizing enough" is mainly due to insufficient oil content!● Dry skin or dry area:In the evening, after applying lotion to the whole face, press 1 pump of lotion, mix 0.5-2 pumps of essential oil, and concentrate on dry areas.The specific amount of essential oil to be added depends on the "right amount" that suits you.● Oily skin or oily areas:No additional oil is required.