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Mandom Corp.

Mandom Beauty Cleansing Lotion (Sebum)

  • cleansing water Japanese Brand
  • MCP160855
    300ml / 10oz
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    It is clear, anti-shine and pore skin performance.
    Contains hyaluronic acid moisture skin.
    No fragrance.
    No coloring.
    Paraben (preservative) free.
    The moisturizing ingredients in the lotion, there is a very high work are unfamiliar with the make-up oil.
    You drop it wraps "moisturizing cleaning component" is floated quickly make oil, dark eye makeup and foundation of pores and also to Innovation without rubbing.
    To bare skin with the moisture fresh and young.
    Because it is the cleansing that made from lotion ingredient, one of this to make-up water from the make-up remover!
    It is OK even if not washed away.
    Type to wipe it be included in cotton.
    Lead to good-quality moisture bare skin "adsorption hyaluronic acid" combination. 


    Soak cotton puff with cleansing lotion (press 2-3 times), wipe off dirt and makeup gently.
    No need to rinse.
    If you prefer a fresher feeling, rinse with water but no need to use facial wash products to avoid washing off the moisture retaining factor.
    To remove waterproof eye makeup, recommend using Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover.