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Medicated Sekkisei Lotion (Enriched)

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  • KOE417456
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    Sekkisei Medicated Sekkisei Lotion (Enriched)

    A medicated lotion with oriental herbal extracts for supple, well-hydrated and snow-white skin

    - A medicated lotion with carefully selected oriental herbal extracts that leaves the skin moist, refreshed, fine-grained and beautiful as pure snow.
    - Contains highly moisturizing ophiopogon tuber extract, rose myrtle extract and more. Richly hydrates the skin for enhanced translucency.
    - The exquisite balance of water and oil provides both superb permeation and hydration. Leaves the skin’s surface feeling supple but never sticky. Creates beautifully translucent and well-hydrated skin that hides pores well and keeps the skin grain plump.
    - Contains two types of oleic acid derivatives for better permeation, allowing the lotion to penetrate easily into skin that is rough and dry.
    - Contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients with high moisture retention, suffusing the skin with an overflowing hydration even in dry weather.
    - Regulates the skin's moisture balance, treats dullness caused by dryness, and prevents the burning sensation caused by sunburn, snow-burn and other skin problems.
    - For the face, neck and body.
    - Has a mild and soothing modern floral scent with base notes of rose, jasmine and a hint of gentle chamomile.