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I. Skin Focus

Bird's Nest Super Silky & Hydrating Mask

  • mask sheet moisturizing masks
  • ISF416706
    25ml x 10pcs
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    I. Skin Focus Bird's Nest Super Silky & Hydrating Mask

    I.Skin focus Bird's Nest Super Silky & Hydrating Mask smoothens and moisturises skin. Bird's nest is made of a solidified salive produced by make swallows. Thanks to the abundance of proteins and minerals, bird's nest not only hydrates and lighten skin, it also efficiently repairs structure of skin layers and stumulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

    Skin texture is enhanced and becoming silky smooth. Niachinamide brightens skin tone and reduces pore size. White mulberry, an effective anti-oxidising agent, rejuvenates skin and revitalizes skin with superb gourmet feast and energy. Sodium Hyaluronate reaches deep down into dermis to replenish water, leaving skin even softer and smoother. Skin becomes silky smooth and hydrated. 

    After daily skin care routine, unfold and spread sheet mask on face. Leave it dry for 15-20 minutes, and then peel off from face. Gently pat to facilitate complete absorpotion of essence. Recommend to use twice a week.