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Peeling Gel (Gommage Moist)

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  • cleansing gel peeling Japanese Brand
  • ROE419213
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    Rosette Peeling Gel (Gommage Moist)

    This massage gel uses fruit (AHA) to ball up dead skin cells (dull spots) and make them fall away.

    Soft, milky gel formula is gentle on skin, leaving rough areas pure and smooth for longer-lasting makeup. Made with moisturizing fermented soymilk extract for clear skin and a resilient bounce after every wash!

    • Made with three fruit acid ingredients (lactic, citric, and malic (apple) acid)

    • Balls up dead skin cells, leaving skin clear and smooth.

    • Contains moisturizing fermented soymilk extract for a more resilient bounce

    • Moisturizing fermented soymilk extract locks in essential moisture for dewy, hydrated skin.

    • Use on the body too!

    • Great for the face, but can also be used to get pure, smooth skin on the elbows, knees, and décolletage.



    1. Wash your face and wipe thoroughly. Use on dry skin.
    2. Take an appropriate amount (about the size of a large grape) in the palm of your hand
    3. Gently massage your entire face making sure to keep your eyes closed.
    4. Massage your skin for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly. (Continue with your usual skincare routine.)

    *Use 2-3 times a week depending on the condition of your skin.

    *Make sure that the skin on your elbows, knees, and heels are dry when using the product on these areas.