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Clean Turn Premium Royal Hyaluronic Acid Gelee Mask

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Kose Clean Turn Premium Royal Hyaluronic Acid Gelee Mask

Kose Clear Turn Premium Royal gelee Facial Mask 4 sheet Moist Deep hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid 3x formulated.
Ultra-rich premium beauty liquid gelee mask
Blending carefully selected luxury cosmetic ingredients in high concentration. Deliver rich moisture up a notch in the skin, also leads to moist soft skin skin of moisture shortage.
Enhancement also moist feel because all-in-one type
Handy Special Care skin care can be completed in one.
Thick gelee to penetrate deep into the skin (stratum corneum), plump even the eyes of fine lines is a concern.
Pleasant fragrance of delicate floral Relaxing
It delivers also luxury time with moisture. Skin-friendly comfortable to use.
Weakly acidic & 4 free prescription.
(Non-colored (artificial coloring), no mineral oil, silicone-free UV absorber-free)

Use after washing face First align the mask with eyes, then fit the mouth position to place it better on face leave for 10 minutes gently massage by hand to absorb remaining essence *Suggested using 1 to 2 times per week