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Hadabisei Face Mask (Brightening)

  • whitening masks moisturizing masks
  • KAE155095
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    Kracie Hadabisei Face Mask (Brightening)

    ● Easy-to-use sheet masks for special treatment of different skin problems

    ● Selection of “serum x sheets” optimized for treating different skin problems

    ● For instantly bright, well-moisturized, clear skin. Filled with medicated serum that has an intensive brightening effect + moisturizing care

    ● Contains Hadabisei's original skin conditioning mixture for beautiful skin texture: apple extract, Coix seed extract, pearl extract, and peony extract (skin conditioning agents). Deals with skin problems to provide finely-textured skin.

    ● Contains CHD, an agent that enhances penetration. Improves penetration of the stratum corneum.

    ● Contains a vitamin C derivative, a brightening active agent; lemon extract, an agent that softens the stratum corneum; and hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing agent.

    ● Filled with serum (20mL)

    ● Sheets made with 100% natural cotton

    ● colorant free

    ● Allergy-tested

    (1) prepares your skin with lotion after washing your face gently. (2) first align the eye mask, then fit the mouth position from close contact over the entire face. ( liquid note to anyone. ) (3) leave for 5 to 15 minutes (for dry skin is more worrisome if it's about 20 minutes) Peel the mask from the dude. (4) remaining in the face gently by hand.