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White Intimate Daily Feminine Wash

  • feminine wash/wipes
  • LFS400988
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    Lactacyd White Intimate Daily Feminine Wash

    Female intimate area has a natural acidic protection against external irritation and infection.
    Lactic Acid is the natural ingredient in maintaining this protection.
    However, this natural acidic protection could be weakened due to external environment and internal hormonal change.
    Unlike normal shower gel, Lactacyd Feminine Daily Wash is specially designed for the intimate area with extra mild formula.
    Women should use feminine wash to clean the most delicate area, just like we do not use shower gel for facial cleansing.
    Latacyd feminine wash is in harmony with the pH value of your intimate area, it contains natural ingredient, Lactic Acid, which gives you the best natural protection, sweeping away uncomfortable feeling such as itchiness and unpleasant odor, providing you cleanliness and freshness all day long.
    Global No.1 seller of feminine hygiene.
    Dermatologically tested mild formula.
    Natural protection, do not weaken self-defense ability.
    Non-medicated, non-antiseptic liquid.
    Light floral fragrance.
    Hormones changes, sweat and excessive friction can darken the skin.
    Lactacyd White Intimate contains natural ingredients, marine based Algowhite and plant-base Actipone-B, is scientifically proven to lighten intimate area (and bikini area) within four weeks.
    Dermatologically proven safe for your most intimate area.
    For best result, use twice daily.


    Pour 5ml (thumb-size amount) into your palm and clean the external vaginal area daily.
    Rinse thoroughly.