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Camellia Charms

【Merchant store pickup】Camellia Essence (Squalane) Baby Massage Oil

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    Camellia Charms 【Merchant store pickup】Camellia Essence (Squalane) Baby Massage Oil

    Camellia Essence (Squalane)baby Massage Oil contains only 3 ingredients, and is gentle on the skin. With active components from Camellia Seeds and Squalane, this Baby Massage Oil can be absorbed quickly and is non-greasy. It helps soothe dry, itchy skin, particularly suitable to moisturize and rehydrate skin after bathing. Use this oil regularly can keep skin soft and prevent skin dehydration.

    Product Features:

    1) Small molecule high oleic acid skin care camellia seed oil: rich in unsaturated fatty acids, squalene, vitamin E, camellia saponins, tea polyphenols, polyphenols and brass compounds and other physiologically active substances. Good skin-friendly, rich in nutrients with good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and other effects.

    i) The "small molecule" special structure can penetrate the skin with effective active skin care ingredients, enter the stratum corneum and basal layer, and fundamentally exert antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin repairing effects.

    ii) "High Oleic Acid" has strong skin-friendly properties, can effectively moisturize, fill the stratum corneum, improve stretch marks, fine lines, and nourish the skin.

    iii) "Skin care grade camellia seed oil" is transparent in appearance, almost odorless, light in texture and easy to absorb, not greasy.

    2) Squalane: Known as a moisturizing holy product, it is stable and mild, refreshing and non-greasy, and has antioxidant effects.

    3) Tocopherol acetate: It is a vitamin E derivative, has anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects, and is a safe and mild antioxidant ingredient.

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    For infants and young children

    1) Prevent and relieve diaper rash, eczema, apple face, etc. After cleaning and after bathing, apply this massage oil to the desired area, press lightly, absorb and nourish quickly, and form an oil film to isolate urine, prevent bacteria and moisturize.

    2) Soften dandruff and belly button dirt. This massage oil is gentle in nature. When applied to the scalp and belly button, it can soften dandruff and dirt, clean and safe, prevent dry skin, and thus better protect baby's skin.

    3) Massage. Skin care camellia oil has a refreshing and easy-to-absorb texture, and you don't need to wipe it off after you apply it on the skin and massage it.

    4) Baby sunscreen. Apply this massage oil to block the skin's absorption of UV rays, preventing damage to fragile skin.

    In addition to being suitable for infants and young children, adults can also:

    1) For adult skin care and massage. Camellia Seed Oil Squalane Baby Massage Oil can prevent and relieve stretch marks, eczema, allergies, remove prickly heat, help repair the skin, and is suitable for massage. Its texture is light and thin, easy to spread, absorbs quickly without being greasy, and forms an oily film on the skin after use, without wiping.

    2) Camellia Seed Oil Squalane Baby Massage Oil itself is almost odorless and does not add any fragrance. It can be mixed with other creams to increase moisturizing, especially in the dry seasons of autumn and winter.

    3) Dilute essential oils to be used as base oils. Camellia Seed Oil Squalane Baby Massage Oil does not add any fragrance. It is light in texture, easy to spread, quickly absorbed and not greasy. You can choose any single essential oil, such as lavender, squalane, and rose oil, and directly add an appropriate amount to dilute it for use.

    4) Sun repair. Even if you have used sunscreen products, the skin is still irritable after exposure, you can apply it immediately to soothe the skin and use it continuously to prevent sunburn and relieve redness and peeling.