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Hair Repair Conditioner

  • hair conditioner
  • SEB112097
    200ml / 6.7oz
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    Our hair is easily damaged by chemical treatments, styling and harmful environment influences.
    Hair Repair Conditioner contains nourishing conditioning complex of panthenol, argan oil and lecithin, penetrates deep into the hair shaft to improve and strengthen the structure of the hair.
    The result is a lasting improvement of dull, lifeless and damaged hair.
    It restores the balance of the sensitive keratin layer of the hair and prevents it from swelling.
    Natural moisturizers and high quality silk protein protect the hair from becoming dry, giving it luster and volume.
    The pH value of 5.5 supports and stabilizes the acid mantle of the scalp for naturally healthy and beautiful hair.


    After gently cleansing the hair, take a small amount of conditioner and massage with both hands into your hair.
    Rinse thoroughly.