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Camellia Charms

【Merchant store pickup】Camellia Essence (Tea Tree Essential Oil) Foot Cream

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    Camellia Charms 【Merchant store pickup】Camellia Essence (Tea Tree Essential Oil) Foot Cream

    Camellia Essence (Tea Tree Essential Oil) Foot Cream contains camellia seeds oil, glycerin, tea tree essential oil, beeswax etc. It is gentle and friendly to the skin, helps relieve dry skin, keeps skin soft, and forms an external layer on the skin surface to prevent skin dehydration. With tea tree essential oil and beeswax, it can help to regulate the balance of water and oil, keep skin shining. Regular use of this cream can keep skin clean, and can nourishes, soothes, renews, softens hard skin.

    Product Features:

    1) Small molecule high oleic acid skin care camellia seed oil: rich in unsaturated fatty acids, squalene, vitamin E, camellia saponins, tea polyphenols, polyphenols and brass compounds and other physiologically active substances. Good skin-friendly, rich in nutrients with good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and other effects.

    i) The "small molecule" special structure can penetrate the skin with effective active skin care ingredients, enter the stratum corneum and basal layer, and fundamentally exert antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin repairing effects.

    ii) "High Oleic Acid" has strong skin-friendly properties, can effectively moisturize, fill the stratum corneum, improve stretch marks, fine lines, and nourish the skin.

    iii) "Skin care grade camellia seed oil" is transparent in appearance, almost odorless, light in texture and easy to absorb, not greasy.

    2) Glycerin: It is an open, small-molecule moisturizing substance that can penetrate into the skin and is not easy to be sensitized. At the same time, it absorbs water in the air, replenishes the skin surface, helps protect the skin barrier, and prevents dry skin and dry lines.

    3) Beeswax: It is a shopping substance secreted by worker bees, which is used to build honeycombs to protect and prevent bacteria. When used in skin care products, it is a good natural emulsion and emollient, and also has detoxification, muscle regeneration, pain relief, antiseptic and antibacterial effects.

    4) Tea tree essential oil: It is famous in the field of essential oils for its strong bactericidal properties. A large number of experiments have proved that it has inhibitory effects on various bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites, and helps to improve tinea pedis, Hong Kong athlete's foot symptoms, acne, etc. The unique antibacterial substance enhances the wound healing effect, and its anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects can also reduce the immune response caused by mite antigens.

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    1. Foot care: After taking a bath every day, firstly dry the feet, especially between the toes, and then evenly apply it to the knees, toes, feet, soles, etc., gently press to help absorb, promote blood circulation, repair the skin and relieve foot fatigue.

    2. Day care: Although it is called a foot cream, it is actually multi-purpose. Can be used on hands and can be used directly as a hand cream. Spread evenly on the skin, gently rub, massage in circular motions, promote skin absorption, soften the skin, inhibit bacteria, and add luster.

    3. In the dry season of autumn and winter, you can add an appropriate amount of our Camellia Essence (Squalane) Baby Massage Oil to mix and use to increase the moisturizing degree.