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Heavy Rotation Color and Line Comb (01 Ash Brown)

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1. Becomes powder form when dry giving a very natural look
2. Great Coloration
3. We’ve adopted a technical comb for both coloring and line drawing
4. Waterproof
sweat・water・sebum resistant, strong against rubbing
5. Contains Panthenol (Eyebrow protecting ingredient)


For first time use
Remove the cap, slowly turn the dial in the 「回す►」 direction while making sure the liquid comes out through the comb.
For everyday use
Remove the cap, slowly turn the dial in the “回す►” direction 1 to 2 times.
The regular amount for one brow is about 1/3 of the length of the comb.
※Be careful not to push out too much of the liquid.
After usage, wipe the comb clean, and make sure to close the cap tightly.
If the liquid happens to dry and get stuck at the top, slowly turn the dial and wipe the comb clean with a tissue or thin towel.
This item can be used as a complete eye brow cosmetic on it’s own, but if you are to use it with other eyebrow products, use this product last. Usage of cleanser to remove is recommended.