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I. Color Focus

Focus 3D Deluxe Curl + Long Mascara

  • black eyes makeup mascara waterproof eyes makeup
  • ICO162408
    8ml / 0.25oz
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    Presents perfectly curly mascara, which creates evenly and naturally lengthened and curly eyelashes. It not only helps separate and curl each single lash but also protects make-up effect against tears, sweat and oil, owning to its unique conditioning system, it nourishes each lash instantly. The lashes look more smoother and volumized but without clumping.

    1. Place the brush on the centre of the lash fringe.
    2. Let the brush glide over the lashes from root to tip in a zigzag movement
    3. Use the tip of the brush to catch the small lashes in the inner corner of the eyes
    4. Intensify the outer corner of the eyes using the largest part of the brush to open the eyes
    5. Apply on lower lashes