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Anna Sui

Fantasia Eau de toilette For Women

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Anna Sui Fantasia Eau de toilette For Women

The perfume smells a little spicy, very well to reflect how Fantasia’s Muse is – a rebellious beauty, has a complex contradictive character, always has her own ideas, is a set of sweetness and excitement in a perfect and unique girl.

Product features:
-  Mysterious fairy tale: The new fragrance filled with mysterious and gentle atmosphere, the whole idea of fairy tale as the design blueprint gives a fashionable bottle design with sweet fruity aroma, it is like the magic which brings people to the fairy tale country.
-  Elegant with a play heart: The golden glass bottle highlights the feminine elegant side, with unicorn decoration at the same time show a playful side.
-  Wonderful magical journey: The golden unicorn on the top of the bottle is ready to fly, as if taking us towards the fantasy world of Anna, beautiful and mysterious!

Ingredients and efficacy:
-  Top Notes: Citrus, pink pepper.
-  Middle Notes: Floral elements, raspberry, nuts candies.
-  Base Notes: Himalayan cedar, cypress.

Recommended for daytime casual wear. Apply on neck, back of the ears or pulse points after bathing or before going out.