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Moisture Surge All About Moisture 3-Pc Skin Care Set

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1. Clinique - Moisture Surge 72hr Auto-Repleishing Hydrator Gel Cream (75ml)
Addictively refreshing gel-cream helps skin create its own internal water source. Keeps it almost twice as hydrated at the end of the day than it did before. Works nonstop for 72 hours, leaving skin endlessly plump and dewy—even after washing your face.

Key Ingredients/Technology
Auto-Replenishing Technology uses Caffeine to kick-start skin’s own water ‘pump,’ while activated Aloe Water, Humectants and Hyaluronic Acid attract and lock in moisture.

Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Oil-Free. Non-Acnegenic. Dermatologist Tested. Ophthalmologist Tested.

Multi-tasking formula can be used anytime skin needs a moisture boost, under or over makeup, or as a 5-minute mask.

2. Clinique - Moisture Surge Face Spray (30ml)
Water your skin. Take along a refreshing face spray for showers of thirsty skin relief. Bursting with moisture and active aloe. But not a drop of oil. Rapidly replenishes skin's moisture level, restoring balance. Softens and soothes in a flash.

•    Hold 10-12" from face. Close eyes and spray a light mist.
•    Use in addition to daily moisturizer, under or over makeup, whenever skin feels thirsty.
•    Avoid spraying into eyes.
•    For all skin types.

3. Clinique - All About Eyes Serum (15ml)
This instantly cooling rollerball helps massage away bags, refreshes and hydrates puffy eyes on contact. Brightens eye area immediately and over time. Combats dark circles, too. With caffeine, potent antioxidants and soothing botanicals. Oil-free, non-irritating. Ophthalmologist Tested.

•    Use twice a day, morning and night.
•    Using gentle pressure, roll under each eye from inner corner to outer corner twice.
•    User finger to smooth in any excess until absorbed.
•    Reapply as needed throughout the day.
•    Can be used alone, or under or over makeup.
•    Can be layered with other eye treatment products.