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Water Bank Moisture Kit (3 Items)

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1. Water Bank Moisture Essence (10ml)

Non-drying moisture recipe

Green mineral water extracted from Brussel Sprouts, artichoke, and lima beans makes the skin look clear and moisturized with barrier recovery, anti-oxidant, and water zipper effects.

1. Green Mineral Water
Green mineral water extracted from vegetables helps restore the skin barrier.

2. Moisture bomb, water splash
The water splash that bursts moisture upon application on the skin provides non-drying moisture.

3. Detailed moisture locking, water zipper effect
Skin’s water zipper prevents the evaporation of moisture.

After using toner or lotion, dispense 2-3 pumps and place on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Apply in the following way.
2. Water Bank Moisture Cream (10ml)

The Moisturizing Biogene technology of Laneige strengthens the supply of natural moisturizing factors inside the skin and makes the skin moistful all day through this Water Bank Cream.
Moisture Biogene™, which refills moisture all day, meets with mini hyaluronic acid and air-wetting formula to present a more perfect moisturizing ability.
•    Completes moisture
Refilled skin all day by filling natural moituziring factors
•    Mini Hyaluronic Acid
Low molecular hyaluronic acid of small size with high skin absorbing power
•    Air-Wetting Formula
An innovative formula that pulls and holds moisture in the surrounding

Take an adequate amount and spread it evenly on your face.
3. Water Bank Eye Gel_EX (3ml)

Vitamin and nutrient gel for the eyes

Water Bank Eye Gel
24-hour moisturizing eye gel for stressed skin around the eyes

• Contains bilberry that not only nourishes but also protects tired skin around the eyes due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

• Active agents extracted from palm create a moisturizing layer over skin, preventing it from going dry.

Use after applying essence. Dispense a red bean-sized amount, apply equally on skin under the eyes in dots, and spread  in the following way:

Step 1
① Gently apply on the eye lids, starting from the inner area and working toward the eyelids. (Repeat 3 times)
※ Effect: Gently apply around the eyes to fill tired skin with moisture and vitality.

Step 2
① Sweep the eyes in the direction of the arrow using the middle finger.
② Gently press on the front areas of eyes indicated with dots while sweeping the eyes. (Repeat 5 times)
※ Effect: While applying around the eyes, steadily press the Jeongmyeong point to relieve fatigue from the eyes.

Step 3
① Steadily press the front and tail areas of the eyebrow repeatedly. (Repeat 5 times)
 ※ Effect: Reduce dark circles and promote blood circulation by steadily pressing the front and tail areas of the eyebrows.