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High Fiber Powder Trial Pack with Water Bottle

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Allklear High Fiber Powder Trial Pack with Water Bottle
We understand that there might be tones of reasons stopping you from trying our products.
❔Worry about the taste?
❔Worry about the product does not fit you well?
❔Worry about the effectiveness of product?
We hear you! ALLKLEAR High Fiber Powder Trial Set is launched! A trial set has been set up in order to ease all your concerns. You just need to pay for a reasonable price to get 2 packs of ALLKLEAR and 1 ALLKLEAR water bottle.
ALLKLEAR High Fiber Powder produced by all natural ingredients with no laxative. No serious diarrhea or other side effects will emerge. The dietary fiber amount of one pack of ALLKLEAR is higher than 5 bowls of Salad which satisfy the daily needs for your body.
3 Benefits of ALLKLEAR
After the ALLKLEAR high dietary fiber powder enters the intestine through the digestive system, it will form a gel-like substance that washes away the accumulated stool between the intestinal crevices and stimulate intestinal peristalsis. Effectively gets rid of the accumulated toxins in the intestines and painlessly clears the stool thereby improving abdominal distension and enhancing intestinal health.
Slimming Effect
ALLKLEAR high dietary fiber powder contains pure natural ingredients, a variety of vitamins and a large amount of fiber, which can brighten the skin, improve and prevent acne problems, and enhance the user’s metabolism. Gradually reduces total calories and burns fat to achieve a slimming effect.
Maintain a Healthy Heart
After the digestion of carbohydrate in foods such as white rice or white bread is digested and absorbed by the body, a large amount of glucose is instantly produced in the blood. ALLKLEAR high dietary fiber powder is rich in water-soluble fiber and allows nutrition and energy to be steadily released into the body. Possibly helps to stabilize blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, thus maintaining a healthy heart.
Large intestine of the human body is full of creases while the small intestine is covered by villus, this facilitates the intestinal waste to accumulate.
ALLKLEAR will absorb water slowly and form a gel-like substance after entering the intestine through the digestive system. It will accrete to the accumulated waste in the intestine and create a membrane which can help to promote healthy bowel movements.
After the mixture of bile and membrane, calories can be burnt and possibly to stable blood sugar level. The membrane can cover the stool enabling the stool to discharge from the body easily after 6 - 9 hours. 
Detoxification, Slimming Effect, Maintain a Healthy Heart
Wheat fiber, Moringa leaf, Spinach fiber, Green Tea, Oligosaccharides, Spirulina, Guava, Guar Gum, Green Apple, Wheat Grass, Lemon, Aloe Vera 
2 – 4 times per week (1 pack each time), consume daily for best result. It is recommended to drink before meals or before going to bed. Stay hydrated on the day of drinking ALLKLEAR.