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Wonjin Effect

Hydro Vial Concentrated Essence Mask & Cleansing Special Kit

10pcs + 80ml
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1. Hydro Vial Concentrated Essence Mask (10pcs)
From 1000-Dalton small molecules to 2million Dalton high molecules. Hyaluronic Acids of Various molecular sizes supply moisture on all skin layers. Moisture is evenly distributed from skin surface to deep dermal layer.

Aquaxyl is an ingredient used in WONJIN in the procedure of water retention capacity enhancement. It strengthens skin protective barrier and helps to reduce moisture loss, improving water retention capacity to maintain skin moisture for a long time. Aquaxyl helps to tighten skin structure to hold moisture, giving the effect of plump skin.

Deep skin moisture recharge with 6 types of hyaluronic acids! Repid recharges of moisture in only 10 minutes.

1.  Cleanse and apply toner.
2.  Apply mask adjusting around the eye and month.
3.  Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining serum until fully absorbed.

2. Hydro Vial Cleansing Foam (80ml)
The first step of healthy skin, clean your skin and hydrating at the same time! Simple and peace of mind to purify the skin, create a refreshing glossy skin texture!

Contains skin purifying ingredients, Usnea extract, improves skin texture and maintains smooth and healthy skin.
Containing moisturizing patent ingredients, it is the core care ingredient of Wonjin effect, which is deeply and intensively treated from the skin.
Naturally derived surfactant that gently removes waste from the surface of the skin. This cleansing foam has a creamy texture and is comfortable to use.

1.    Take the cleansing milk in palm and layer the rich foam.
2.    2. Evenly apply to the face, massage and rinse with warm water.