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Takara Tomy

KiiPix Printoss TPJ-03 optical principle printer - Pink

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    Takara Tomy KiiPix Printoss TPJ-03 optical principle printer - Pink

    Japan's Takara Tomy Printoss optical principle printer is the work that won the 2017 All Japan Toys Award, and is the proud work of TAKARA TOMY toy manufacturer. If you like photography or want to share photos with a large group of people on weekdays, the Ibe mini tanning camera is the most suitable! The originality of Printoss is that it can be perfectly developed through Printoss only by using a mobile phone to take a low-level photo! It only takes about 30 seconds to complete the process! In this way, the film will not be wasted, and you can slowly use your mobile phone to make enough pictures, and then choose a beautiful photo to print out. Printoss uses optical principles to refract the screen of the mobile phone into the camera, so there is no need for electricity and ink. Therefore, there is no need to install an APP, which is simple and convenient. The design of Printoss is foldable. When you use it, you can open the two sides and fold it back into a rectangle after use. It saves space and is easy to carry.

    1. Foldable is very economical

    2. No need for power supply, battery or any connecting device

    3. You only need any photo of your mobile phone with Fuji Instax mini photo paper to print the photo

    4. Optical principle inkless printing

    5. Japan 2017 2017 All Japan Toys Award Works

    6. The weight is only 350g, easy to carry

    7. No need to install APP to use

    **Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offers (discounts or gifts) 

    Step 1: Load a box of Fuji Instax mini Polaroid film into the machine (1 box of 10 sheets)Exclude the first film shellStep 2: Unfold the PRINTOSS box, and open the photo you want to print on the phone (the screen brightness is above 80%).Place the screen facing the tanning camera down and press the side shutter to project the phone photos into the tanning camera (you can remove the phone when you hear a pop that has been successfully projected)Step 3: Twist the button next to the fuselage and wait for 90 seconds to complete the display.