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Rexona was created in Australia in 1908 by Mrs Alice Sheffer, the wife of SF Sheffer, the founder of the Sheldon Drug Company. A talented physician, she wanted to give people new kinds of personal care products, with effective ingredients that also smelled good. When Sure hit the shelves in 1908, it soon became the company’s biggest seller. Rexona’s first advertising campaign launched in the 1920s. Personal hygiene billboards began to spring up all over Australia touting the company name, with contests held for each town’s Rexona Baby and Miss Rexona. Some would proudly state: ‘Welcome to our town, a good Rexona Town.’ In the 1960s the world met Rexona antiperspirant, later to become Sure in the UK. It was then introduced in Finland and quickly rolled out to the rest of the world.

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