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Qiriness was founded in 2004 by Mi-Ryung Beilvert, passionate about cosmetology, beauty and well-being for more than 20 years. Create a brand yes, but a brand that resembles her: sincere, demanding and above all effective. Mi-Ryung, who knows the world of cosmetics perfectly, is convinced that an essential is missing ; an authentic brand that listens to our needs, a brand that does not promise the impossible but helps us find our balance, better respect our skin, focus on the essential. A brand that reveals the beauty of each and provides serenity, harmony and energy. For this, she envisaged beauty from a global perspective, combining the best of ancestral rituals of her Korean childhood with an expertise acquired from the most innovative laboratories.With its Spa at home concept, unique in the world, Qiriness combines the effectiveness of skincare active ingredients for the face and body with their pleasure of use, for an optimal guaranteed result.“Well-being and sensoriality, associated with an irreproachable quality of natural active ingredients, improve the effectiveness of the products. Our desire is therefore to offer each woman in her home a personalised response in terms of skincare, combining the effectiveness of active ingredients and the sensory pleasure of use, with results comparable to those of a spa treatment."Mi-Ryung Beilvert, President and Founder of Qiriness
Velvety Eye Make-Up Remover
HK$69.80 HK$349.00
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