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Pigeon's HopeThe letter “P” in Pigeon's logo is a “double heart” image of mother and baby. The larger heart of the mother tenderly embraces the smaller heart of the baby, symbolizing deep and endless love. We seek to bring this feeling of love for mothers and babies to our products and services. This is our sincere hope at Pigeon.Pigeon's ProductsWe always try to consider mother's perspective, and also try to see the world through baby's eyes. At the same time, we consider baby's healthy growth and mother's changing needs. This is where all products and services begin at Pigeon.Pigeon's ValuesWe value baby's health and comfort and mother's ease and convenience in using our products. We also want to bring daily comfort and happiness to mothers, babies, and the entire family, so baby grows up healthy. These values shape each product we make at Pigeon.
Baby medicated foam soap peach leaf
HK$71.00 HK$102.00
Medicated Lotion (Leaves of Peach)
HK$64.90 HK$93.50
Liquid Cleanser (Refill)
HK$54.00 HK$65.00
Baby Powder (Blue)
HK$38.00 HK$42.00
Pigeon Baby Powder (Pink)
HK$29.00 HK$36.00
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