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Masajiro Momotani was born into the family who had ruled the village in Kishu for generations under the territory of the Tokugawa Family and practiced the business of a druggist since the Kanei Era (1624). He took over the responsibility for the family in 1885. Then, he newly established “Momotani Juntenkan” as a manufacturer of patent medicines from “Masakiya,” a druggist that lasted for 260 years. A bottle of lotion, “Nikibi-tori (acne-removing) BIGANSUI,” which was developed by Momotani for his wife who had trouble with acne, is still loved by many people as “MEISHOKU BIGANSUI” even after 128 years.
Whitening & Anti-aging Eye Cream
HK$76.00 HK$102.90
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