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MF100 Mini Beautician

  • beauty machine
  • MEC412512
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    Medicox MF100
    MF100 Mini Beautician

    MF100 seamlessly combines 5 elite and powerful skincare technologies in just one machine. With 2 extraordinary treatment effects in 3 minutes, your skin becomes thoroughly cleansed, supple and alive! For this reason, MF100 Mini Beautician has been praised as a “Portable Mini Beautician”.

    This high performance and light-weighted MF100 Mini Beautician, focusing on particular areas on eyes zone, face and neck: strengthens your skin renewal process, removes dirt and dead coenocytes, magnifies skin’s absorption of nutrients, awakens young skin texture, simultaneously reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigments and all signs of aging, gives your skin a supreme facial treatment at any moment.

    In just 3 minutes, manifest an incredible skin care result!

    01    Detoxification         : Thoroughly dissolve and remove dirt, sebum and toxin, reduce pore size
    02    Nutrients Infusion    : Enhance nutrients absorption, improve efficacy of beauty products
    03    Relief                : Fades dark circles and eyes bag, relieve pressure
    04    Wrinkle Removal    : Plump skin and diminish wrinkles on face, neck and around eye zone
    05    Skin Refining        : Lift sagging skin and reduce sign of aging, improve facial contour
    06    Rejuvenation        : Improve lymphatic and blood circulation, attain youthful complexion

    Suitable for:
    •    Habit of wearing makeup and perfume
    •    Enlarged pore size
    •    Excessive sebum production (The “T” area)
    •    Suffer from mild to severe acne problem
    •    Habit of using skin care products
    •    Eye wrinkles, expression lines, cervical stripe and pigments
    •    Aging skin
    •    Skin care treatment in Irregular time