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Absolue Sublime Essence-In-Cream Foundation #100 P

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    Lancome Absolue Sublime Essence-In-Cream Foundation #100 P

    Lancôme Essence Petit Savoir-Faire Foundation
    Add 45% of the skin care essence, texture moist, good push off, and the skin fit is very high, the texture is fine, and the skin blend very well, but the disadvantage is that the degree of coverage is very low, not suitable for blemished skin, can correct the skin tone, suitable for sisters who like a sense of vegetation like natural makeup, more moist, suitable for dry skin, oil skin is estimated to take off makeup will be relatively fast. The main reason for this is that it is a good idea to have a good skin tone!
    Color choice: (the overall color number is not very white, cold white skin is not recommended blind jerk)
    100 color number: pink tone white, suitable for white skin
    110 color number: yellow tone white, suitable for natural skin tone
    Will oxidation, oxidation a color number, most skin tones can choose 100
    Ultimate Perfection Essence Foundation
    A perfect collection of skincare primers for Lancôme foundations containing highly effective skincare active ingredients, infused with 44% active skincare ingredients and precious oils.
    The ultimate sensory pleasure: the extraordinary elegance of the oil-in-essence texture instantly blends in with the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and comfortable. Inspired by Japan

    How to use
    The Smoothing Perfecting Brush is used by the Kabuki Art Institute to effectively and evenly sweep on the Ultimate Perfecting Foundation. Made by hand, the brush has a short handle for precise application and sweeping over different areas of the face. The ultra-fine white bristles are densely packed for perfect coverage and a flawless finish.
    - Place a small amount of Ultimate Perfection Foundation on the back of your hand and dab it with the kabuki brush.

    - Apply gently to cheekbones: Sweep in a circular motion from the center of the face to the cheekbones from the inside out.

    - Lift the 3 V's: Sweep upward along the V-shaped lines of the jaw, cheeks and forehead.

    Reveals a youthful glow: sublimely golden, smooth, even and dramatically transformed

    Enhances skin quality day after day

    Absolue Sublime Essence-In-Cream Foundation #100 P