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Hydra Zen Soothing Recharging Night Cream

  • moisturizing night care sensitive skin moisturizers
  • LAC175553
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    A treatment to boost the skin’s natural defences and strengthen it against the effects of daily stress.


    As soon as it is applied: your skin is immediately and intensely moisturised, soft, comfortable and soothed. Signs of fatigue built up during the day seem to disappear.

    On waking: skin looks relaxed. It is fresher, better moisturised and relieved of stress deep down.


    Night after night: the skin’s natural self-defence potential is recharged. Skin appears strengthened against the effects of daily stress

    • Formulated with dermo-soothing complex NeuroCalm TM
    • Helps fight against influences of daily stress on skin
    • Consolidates skin's barrier function & prevents dehydration
    • Skin appears intensely hydrated, supple & relieved on application
    • Reveals fresher, relaxed & more comfortable skin upon wake up
    • Enhances skin’s natural barrier function & flexibility in the long run
    Apply to perfectly cleansed skin each day, in the evening. Gently apply to face and neck.
    1. Smooth your moisturising cream over your skin, from the middle of the face outwards (forehead, cheeks, chin). Finish with the T-zone.
    2. Drum fingertips over entire face, from top to bottom.