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Gamila Secret

Since the product bears my name, let me first tell you a little bit about myself and my beliefs. I think it might help you get a better sense of what Gamila Secret is all about. I was born and raised in a small village called Pgi’in Galilee in northern Israel. When my father was very young, my grandmother taught him the importance of nature in our lives. He passed this knowledge on to me. Because he was nearly blind, he taught me how to ‘read’ nature with my hands and senses. I started making soap for the other villagers, trying different combinations of wild herbs, vegetable oils and olive oil from the trees growing in the hills around our village. This mixture, the ‘secret’ part of Gamila Secret, not only cleansed skin but also softened and healed it.I always work with pure ingredients, as given to us by Mother Nature. We do not modify any ingredients or add any artificial additives to our products. Everything is 100% natural and produced by our small team in Pgi’in. To me, the process of making a product is just as important as the ingredients. That is why I prefer to work with my hands, so I can feel, smell and taste all the ingredients.In all honesty, I did not plan for Gamila Secret to become as big as it has become. It just happened. I have given much thought to this and have concluded that it is a good thing. More people can experience the force of nature for themselves through my products. After all, that is all that really matters. I truly believe that everyone deserves healthy, soft skin.

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