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Ginger Lily Home Diffuser

  • Diffuser Candle Perfume/Stick Parfum
  • FMA434621
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    Floroma Ginger Lily Home Diffuser

    |Fragrance Introduction |
    Ginger Lily
    The Blooming Ginger Lily, Like a white butterfly in a green grassland.
    Its fresh and refined fragrance awakens the beautiful associations of spring and summer, making you feel like being in the nature, even you are at home!
    The bright and fresh floral fragrance makes you feel energetic and enlightened!
    Note: Ginger Lily

    Distilled water, Fragrance, Ethanol   

    Create pleasant smell for indoor, like office, home or shop

    【how to use】 1. Remove the lid of the diffuser bottle 2. Put the rattan sticks into the bottle 3. The rattan sticks will help the essential oils to volatilize, making the fragrance to fill the entire space stably and lastingly 【First time use guide】 Want to speed up the fragrance evaporation? After inserting the rattan sticks for the first time, wait for 15-30 minutes, and then turn the sticks upside down, so that the stick bottom which is full of fragrance is facing up, then the fragrance will be richer. You can turn the rattan sticks upside down from time to time to make the fragrance richer again. How to adjust the fragrance concentration? The more the number of rattan sticks, the stronger the aroma. You can adjust the aroma by adding or subtracting the number of rattan sticks according to your preference. 【Note】 The lasting time of the home diffuser is affected by different environmental factors. Air conditioning, heating, ventilation space and dehumidifiers will all accelerate the volatilization of the diffusers. Generally speaking, a 50mL home diffuser can be used for 3-4 weeks, and the actual use time will vary according to your room conditions.