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About HKMall

HKMall has over 20,000 product listings with the best price offered.

- Offering ‘7 Days Purchase Guarantee’

- ‘No Fakes Pledge’ Company

- Provide a safe and convenient shopping experience

- Quality Customer Service

Simple Steps to place an order

A few steps to shop on HKMall 1. Login to HKMall or HKMall app. 2. Choose your favorite product, and click ‘Add to Cart’. 3. Click ‘Shopping Cart’ in the top right corner of the website/HKMall app to view the products that have been added to the shopping cart. 4. Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’. 5. Please check the information of the product you have selected, the total price and the promotion code/discount coupon, etc. on the ‘Checkout’ page. 6. Enter your name, contact number, delivery address, delivery method and choose a payment method, then click "Confirm Order" to proceed to the payment section. You will receive a confirmation email after you have successfully placed the order.

Customers who shop on HKMall for the first time

Registration on the website:

Click ‘Register’ at the top of the website, and you will be directed to the ‘Register Account’ page. After you have entered the basic information, click ‘Continue’ and your account will be registered. You can add your ‘Shipping Address’ for your next purchase once you have logged in to your account. If you have already registered a HKMall account, you will receive a VIP card from us. For more details, please visit https://www.bonjourhk.com/tc/VIP.

Registration in the HKMall App:

Click ‘Register’ on the homepage of the HKMall App to fill in the basic information and click ‘Submit’. Your HKMall account will be registered. At the same time, you will be automatically enrolled as Bonjour VIP member.

Search for product

You can search for your favorite brands and products using the following methods: - Enter the keywords of the product into our shopping search engine - Search from the product categories at the top of the website - Search for the product by its brands in "All Brands" at the top right of the website *When you find the product you need, simply click the picture or the name of the product and it will direct you to the product description page.

After placing an order

When your payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email, and the tracking number will be sent later.

To ensure you could receive our confirmation email, please add  eshop@bonjourhk.com to your contact list to avoid our system email going into your spam folder.

Please contact us as below if you have further queries: 

  • Live Chat  (Mon – Sun 10:00 – 18:00 )
  • Email : eshop@bonjourhk.com
  • Hotline: (852) 2380 8010 (Mon – Fri 09:30 – 18:00 , Sat , Sun & Public Holidays closed)
Custom & Duty (China)

Important Note

According to  Tax Policies on Cross-Border E-Commerce Retail Imports “,  for those people who imported and purchased goods from cross-border e-commerce retail, their identity information should be certified from 8th April,2016. Therefore, identity card should be presented for checking the Chinese names when you received the packages. Even if your name on identity card is or written in Chinese, you should ensure the name used for order is same as those on your identity cards or passports for Custom Department and delivery check. If the package is lost or failed to be deliver due to identity check issue, HKMall will not bear any responsibility on it. All the results must be borne by the recipient.

Tax and duty

Regarding to the tax and duty, customers can check with local customs authority. When you have done order checkout with us, customers are accepted to pay for all additional cost, taxation, document applications of the order. All these additional charges must be borne by the recipient. We are not responsible for any payments and legal liability. 

How to do when you received tax payment notice from Custom (orders in China) :

1)     Pay for the tax

Customers need to contact local customs authority and receive the package after payment. Meanwhile, customers accept all the terms and conditions of the payment. We do not provide any taxation refund to customers.

2)     Reject tax payment

When customers received tax notice from Custom (by sms, calls or documents), they could fill in related application form (「扣關件退運申請」) to reject the tax payment . You can fax the form or go to Custom designated post offices on your own (or your representatives) , and inform us by customer service. When we accept your return application, we will arrange refund as soon as possible. All these additional charges must be borne by the recipient. We are not responsible for any payments and legal liability.

How can we change the personal information in our membership profile?

Please follow the below steps to change your personal information:

 1. Login to HKMall "Online member login" (using the email address  registered with us)
 2. Click on "Member information"
 3. Click on "Edit personal information"
 4. Over-type on the fields you would like to change and click "submit"

How to use the coupons?

To use the coupons , you need to:

  1. Login to HKMall  "Online member login" (using the email address registered with us)
  2. Click on "Coupons"
  3. Please input  coupon code
  4.  Click on "Submit" 
  4.  You could select the coupons at your shopping cart in next purchasing and click "Use" 

What is the latest promotion and offer ?

To provide customers with more savings and benefits at HKMall, we offer a variety of promotions  and special offers regularly. For the most updated special offers, Please click "My Account"-->"Profile  "  -->select  : "  i   agree   to   receive   offers via email   and   SMS".

I forget the login password, what should I do?

Customer can click 'Forget Password' near the login position and then fill in his/her registered email address which we can send back a password to it.
If the login name and the registered email address is changed, customer need to register again.

Shipping (HongKong)

Shipping Arrangement

Under normal circumstances, after successfully placing an order, the parcel will be dispatched  within 1-3 working days (except Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays), orders will usually be delivered within 1-3 working days, customers can also check the order status from their HKMall member account.

Delivery Time and Cost

Logistic Company

HKMall currently does not provide on-demand logistics services. We will select the most suitable courier service according to the receiving address and the type of product of the order.

Parcel Tracking

HKMall will notify customers of the order information in the form of e-mail. Please check the e-mail and save the information for the parcel tracking and further verification when receiving the parcel. Customers can also login to our website (Account > Order Information), for the latest order status.

*As the parcel will be directly sent out from Hong Kong to Mainland China, customs clearance is required. If the tracking status is not shown in the order, it might indicate that the parcel is still undergoing customs clearance.

Shipping (Mainland China)

Delivery Time and Cost

Shipping Arrangement Under normal circumstances, after successfully placing an order, HKMall will dispatch the order within 1-5 working days (except Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays). If that is a pre-ordered product or a product sent by a supplier, please refer to the product detail page for the shipping information. As the parcel will be directly sent out from Hong Kong to Mainland China, customs clearance is required. Under normal circumstances, the tracking record will be available 5-14 working days after dispatch (the exact date depends on the completion of customs clearance); when the customs clearance process is complete, orders will usually be delivered within 3-7 working days.

Logistic Company

HKMall currently does not provide on-demand logistics services. We will select the most suitable courier service according to the receiving address and the type of product of the order.

Parcel Tracking

HKMall will notify customers of the order information in the form of e-mail. Please check the e-mail and save the information for the parcel tracking and further verification when receiving the parcel. Customers can also log in to our website (Account > Order Information), for the latest order status.

*As the parcel will be directly sent out from Hong Kong to Mainland China, customs clearance is required. If the tracking status is not shown in the order, it might indicate that the parcel is still undergoing customs clearance.

Undeliverable parcel / Incorrect address

Undesirable parcel 

Occasionally orders are returned to us as incorrect address, a PO Box / Hotel address, failed delivery attempts, refuse to pay tax or parcel refused by recipient.
When the delivery agent returns an undeliverable parcel to us, we issue a refund by deducting the 15% of the value of products as handling fee.
We can re-ship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable or unclaimed. However, customers are required to bear the reshipping fee.
* Re-shipping fee is base on the original shipping method used for your purchase.

Incorrect address

Occasionally orders can not be dispatched due to the incorrect entry of the address region from customers. To avoid any delay of the parcel delivery, customers are required to ensure your address region at your shopping cart in purchasing before checkout. Customers who choose the incorrect address region are required to pay the shipping fee different before we dispatch the parcel. If customers reject to settle the shipping fee different or cancel the order, we will issue a refund by deducting 3% of the value of products as handling fee. HKMall will notice customers by email once the incorrect entry of the address region from customer.

What should I do if I want to change ordered products?

  • 7-Day guaranteed return policy (from the date of your receipt)
  • If the following situations occur at the time of receipt:
  • - Missing item - Incorrect delivery
  • - Defective item (excluding damages caused by man-made or misuse)
  • - Quality issue

  • Please provide the following information and email to eshop@bonjourhk.com within 7 days from the date of receipt.
  • -Order number
  • -Product name and product number
  • -Product condition in details

  • HKMall or the supplier or the distributor will be responsible for verifying the product defect and they also reserve the right of final decision on refund or exchange.

  • Terms and conditions
  • - Any exchange or return must be submitted to eshop@bonjourhk.com within 7 days from the date of receipt.
  • - If the application is not submitted within 7 days from the date of receipt, no exchange or return will be accepted.
  • - We do not accept returns for clearance items, 換購產品及贈品.
  • - If the customer does not have an application for return or exchange of goods within 7 days, it means that the transaction of the purchased goods has been completed, and the company shall not bear any legal responsibility, and will not arrange any return or exchange of goods.
  • - If you find product quality issues, please keep the product and all its packaging, including the outer box, the protective materials of the goods and the express delivery note, etc.
  • - Goods once opened or used, no return or exchange will be accepted -The product photos of HKMall are for reference only. The volume and color of the product are subject to the actual received product. - If you encounter problems with wireless connection or APP operation or product useage, customers have to contact the brand or distributor for follow-up directly.
  • - Some home appliances such as appliance, Esselence Massage Chair etc. Some of which involve installation, brand owners or distributors have designated inspection and replacement procedures.
  • - If you need to return or exchange the product, both local and overseas customers are responsible for all the postage fees.
  • - HKMall has the final and absolute right in the interpretation of the above terms and conditions.

Are all products from Bonjour are originals from manufacturers?

Bonjour is a renowned listed cosmetic chain stores group in Hong Kong (Stock no: 0653), has good reputations for years.  We will not allow any illegal trade to harm our reputations.

Selling fake products are illegal and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government prohibits it seriously.  HKMall sold large quantities of products everyday and it is impossible 

to have fake items. We are accredited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board with the Quality Tourist Service Sign of Quality and also offered as a reliable store by the Guangzhou Daily News.  All these prove that we are a reliable merchant .

Are your goods fresh? Could you provide the manufacture date of the products?

Freshness of our products is guaranteed as we keep all our stock in a temperature controlled environment prior to shipping and subject to regular quality control checks.The production date of the products are confidential internal information of manufacturer, we could not provide customers a specified products production date.

Product prices and promotions on HKMall and Bonjour retail store

Since HKMall and Bonjour retail stores are operating independently, therefore the prices, batches, and promotion of the products sold may be different. Both HKMall and Bonjour retail stores will provide our customers high-quality products and excellent customer service. Product prices in HKMall will vary according to shipping regions. Please choose the most suitable shipping area when placing an order, HKMall reserves the right to cancel orders in inconsistent shipping areas and charge 3% administrative fees or request to pay for the relevant difference.

Why could I find some products in stores on HKMall ?
If products cannot be found on web, this may due to out of stock or we are not able to provide the products temporarily. However we will keep updating and ordering of new stocks to upload to the web.

Will "Cash On Delivery" be accepted on HKMall ?

All orders must be paid for in full prior to delivery, cash on delivery is not acceptable.

The minimum payment of each order

Since the payment gateway sets a minimum payment amount, the payment gateway will only be available for a transaction when the order is at least HKD10 after applying any promotion code or discount coupon, and HKD15 if you choose Atome payment. 

Payment Methods

HKMall provides various payment methods, making sure every customer could purchase in the most convenient and efficient way at HKMall. The followings are the payment methods we accept:

Credit card

Visa / Mastercard / AMEX 


Please complete the transaction by scanning the QR code using the FPS app.

WeChat Pay

Use your WeChat app to pay online. Open your WeChat app and select 'Scan QR Code'. For more information, please visit https://pay.weixin.qq.com


Please open your Alipay app and scan the QR Code to complete the transaction. For more information, please visit the Help Center on your Alipay app.


Please open your AlipayHK app and scan the QR Code to complete the transaction. For more information, please visit https://www.alipayhk.com/en/shoppers


Please open your UnionPay app and scan the QR Code to complete the transaction. For more information, please visit http://www.unionpayintl.com/hk/servicesProducts/products/innovativeProducts/mobilePayment/unionpay.shtml#4


Pay securely through PayPal using your debit card or credit card. Registration is free and easy, for more information please visit www.paypal.com.


Please open your Atome app and complete the transaction. For more information, please visit www.atome.hk/help.

Products sold are listed in HKD

All products on HKMall are listed in HKD. If your payment account is not settled in Hong Kong dollars, please check with the issuing bank of credit card or payment provider for the exchange rate/handling fee of the settlement amount.

Provide transaction authorization information

To ensure that we provide our customers with the best service, our system will randomly conduct security checks. Customers are required to provide authorization/approval or purchase codes when prompted for security check. 

Bonjour retail stores information

For information on Bonjour retail stores, please refer to the following website: https://www.bonjourhk.com/tc/AboutShops.aspx

Why I received an email for order confirmation before I complete the payment process?

When customer filled in delivery details and chosen payment methods to confirm orders, the system will generate order codes immediately for record and payment correspondence in an email and notify customers.  The email only serves a record of receipt of your orders, it does not indicate your payment is successful or not, please note the detailed wordings in email.  Customer should receive another email to confirm your payment.

Modifying/Changing the order

After the payment is successful, HKMall system will automatically send a confirmation email and process your order immediately. Therefore, we cannot arrange to change any confirmed orders.

We recommend you reconfirm the products you want to buy before you place the order to enjoy the fun of online shopping!

Order cancellation

Once HKMall started processing your order, you cannot make any changes or cancellations. We may not be able to cancel your order, if you insist on canceling your order before shipment, 3% of administrative fees will be charged (except in the following cases), and we reserve the right to make the final decision.

Orders or some products in order may be canceled due to the following reasons:

- Product out of stock

- Unable to process your payment

- Unable to deliver to the address you provided

- Duplicate order

- Exceeded purchase limit

If the order is canceled, we will notify you via email and arrange a refund. If you have any questions regarding order cancellation, please email eshop@bonjourhk.com. 

Maximum purchase limit

In order to ensure every customer’s needs can be met, there is a chance that HKMall may set a purchase limit on the product. When a customer makes bulk purchases of a single item in separate orders, HKMall reserves the right to cancel the order and arrange a refund. If customers would like to purchase over 10 units of the same product, please contact us. HKMall will provide special arrangements based on individual circumstances.

Why I confirm a single order but I received a few emails with different order codes?

If customer refreshs or goes back to previous page from the web page for credit cards payment, the system may generate a new order code.  Therefore, customer should not refresh or goes back to previous page from the payment process web pages to avoid confusion.

I received a failure notification email after my order and I make a new order. Why I found both order payments are processed successfully?

After customer filled in delivery details and chose payment methods to confirm order, he/she will receive an email notification to confirm our receipt of your order. Please note the wordings and instructions in the email to avoid duplicated orders and duplicated payments.

Why I haven't received the confirmed payment notification email after I paid?

In general, the bank needs 1 working day to notify and confirm us your payment.We need around 3 working days to confirm your payment if you chose to use bank-in payment method.

How can I know my order status?

You may click  Login HKMall  account, and  <<Order History>>   to view order details.

How to track the order

After the order is dispatched, customers will be notified of the shipping date, postal code, and a website for parcel tracking. HKMall will look into each order and the same order might separate into several packages, customers may receive 2 or more order numbers at the same time.

When can I receive the products I ordered on web?

Customer can check the delivery duration from your country or city according to our Table of delivery time and charges.  Customer can check by email to  eshop@bonjourhk.com  if he/she found the products deliveries are delayed.

Does HKMall provide the wholesale service

HKMall offers wholesale service for wholesale members. Please email us at etrade@hongkongmall.com

How to calculate the tax to be charged for wholesale products?

Customer need to check the tax to be charged by other countries or cities before purchase himself/herself. All wholesale products needed to be paid and picked up in Hong Kong only, HKMall will not be responsible for any tax charges calculation or procedures.

Why my order is still out of stock even though it has been confirmed and paid?

Most of orders would not be out of stock once it has been confirmed and paid. To avoid anydelay of product delivery, Bonjour will notice customers by email once the product is out of stock to arrange refund or change product .If customers don't reply our email within three days, Bonjour has the right to cancel the out of stock product and dispatch the rest of products to customer immediately.Bonjour will refund the remaining to customer’s account or credit card.

Partner Loyalty Programs
Member of the selected loyalty programs can enjoy the reward points earning at Bonjourhk.com

The Clubpoint
1 Clubpoint for every US$1.3(HK$11) spent
*Partner loyalty programs are not applicable if best value item is included

AirAsia Big Point
5 BIG Point for every US$1(HKD$7.85) spent
*Partner loyalty programs are not applicable if best value item is included

3 Easy Steps to Earn reward points:
Applicable webpage to enjoy the offer: https://www.bonjourhk.com
*Hong Kong order only
1. Select the related program under “Partner loyalty program” at checkout.
2. Enter your membership number in the field provided.
3. Complete order and receive your points in not less than 6-8 weeks

Please ensure information are correct, otherwise point may not be issued to your account. All the issuing time will beyond our control, it will depend on the service provider of the related loyalty program. Bonjourhk.com reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any members and/or to forfeit award from any it believes has undertaken fraudulent practice and/or activities or other activities harmful to this Campaign or to the Organizers. We also reserves the absolute right to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions (wholly or in part) from time to time without any prior notice to the participants. In case of any dispute, the decision of Bonjourhk.com and the related loyalty program are final.


HKMall is committed to meet fully, and where possible exceed, internationally recognizable standards of personal data privacy protection, in complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong)

We use cookies to personalize your visits in HKMall and recognize you when you return. This will improve your shopping experience when you visit our website.

We use software such as Google Analytics, a first-party cookie that allows us to see information on user website activities including, but not limited to page views, source and time spent on website. The information is depersonalized and is displayed as numbers, meaning it cannot be tracked back to individuals. This will help to protect your privacy. Using software such as Google Analytics, we can see what content is popular on our website, and strive to give you more of the things you enjoy reading and watching. To opt out of Google Analytics analytic cookies across Bonjour Cosmetics Wholesale Limited websites visit: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

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Information Protection
HKMall is committed to protecting your privacy. All your information in ordering process is protected during transmission by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). We use encryption technology and secure servers to keep your personal information safe (including name, email and mailing address, phone number, credit card information and purchase history). In addition, the customer data we collect is protected.
Office Address :12/F, Bonjour Tower, 36-50 Wang Wo Tsai Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T., H.K. 
Phone: (852) 28722872
Email: bonjourcs@bonjourhk.com
If you want to cancel the e-mail to subscribe to Bonjour, please click the unsubscribe link within the email.
We use email to communicate news and promotions to you. If you'd rather not receive these messages, you may request to delete your personal information by email to eshop@bonjourhk.com.


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HKMall may refuse any purchase order or may terminate or suspend your access to all or part of the site, without notice, for any conduct that HKMall in its sole discretion and believes is in violation of any applicable law or is harmful to Bonjour or a third party.
Customers should be aware that there are some product items with limited amount in stock where each customer may only be able to purchase limited quantity under one single bill.
For any queries, customers may give notice to www.bonjourhk.com at any time by means of email to eshop@bonjourhk.com or by post to the following address: 12/F, Bonjour Tower, 36-50 Wang Wo Tsai Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T., H.K.
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