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ICED-AGE-Crystal Firming Eye Treatment

  • eye anti-wrinkle eye cream
  • SRE615643
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    SUISSE REBORN ICED-AGE-Crystal Firming Eye Treatment

    Utilizing the wisdom of creatures living under extreme environments, Suisse Reborn Iced Age Crystal Firming Eye Treatment specifically targets for revitalizing skin around eye area. The major ingredients, PhytoCellTec™ nunatak and Antarcticine, as well as Snow Algae Powder have proven to be highly effective in anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. PhytoCellTec nunatak is extracted from a rare flower thriving in the Ice Age Alps. Its strong protection capacity shields the eye area against damages by UV rays and harsh environmental aggressions; it is also able to reverse the oxidization process within eye-area skin, diminish wrinkle around eye contour. Antarcticine, a ferment originated from the base of glacier, is able to stimulate the formation of collagen I and IV as well as elastin; it significantly minimizes the look of under-eye discoloration as well as the feeling of under-eye puffiness. Snow Algae Powder comes from a unique algae that grows on permanent snow; rich in antioxidants that help it survive in extreme conditions, it instantly boosts cellular regeneration, countering the aging process while improving the eye contour area by smoothing out wrinkles and under-eye fine lines, ideal for delicate skin under and around eye area.

    ICED-AGE-Crystal Firming Eye Treatment
    Apply on cleansed and toned skin, unfold the mask and remove the protective film. Apply upper mask to facial area and lower mask to the neck. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Rest with mask on for 10-15 minutes, then remove and discard it. Gently massage residual Crystal Lift Essence into skin until full absorption. Recommend to use once or twice a week at night. Follow with Suisse Reborn skin care regimen.