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Advanced Genifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate

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    Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate
    Inspired by Skin microbiome science, Lancome presents our new Advanced Génifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate, a face serum suitable for all skin types. It is now proven to strengthen your skin barrier*,soothe & improve skin imperfections (redness and pores).

    Seasonal changes, environmental aggressions, and the stress of modern life can make skin react with tightness, discomfort and redness, and lead to skin imperfections. With its unique formula enriched with 7 prebiotic and probiotic fractions, this intense recovery* concentrate helps strengthen the skin barrier and protect against daily aggressors. Two concentrates in one, isolated until first use to maintain their freshness. The blue concentrate, enriched with antioxidants Ferulic acid and Vitamin E, is released into the serum base to create an intense recovery* concentrate, helping soothe and aid the barrier recovery* of skin. The appearance of pores, redness and skin imperfections is reduced.

    For all skin types, even reactive and sensitive.
    Advanced Genifique Sensitive Dual Concentrate
    How to activate the bottle at first use:

    (1) Push and twist the black cap clockwise to release the blue concentrate into the base concentrate.
    (2) Shake until the two concentrates are evenly mixed.
    (3) Unscrew and dispose of the black cap.
    (4) Replace with the dropper to use the product.

    Gently shake bottle before each use. Best used within 2 months after opening. Store at room temparature.

    Use at night and complete your routine with your usual skincare.
    Do not apply the blue concentrate directly on the skin.