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[2pcs] Lotus Leaf Low pH Cleansing Foam

150ml x 2
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Luvum [2pcs] Lotus Leaf Low pH Cleansing Foam

SKIN-SOOTHING LOTUS LEAF EXTRACT FROM JEJU ISLAND: lotus leaf has been widely known for its wound healing and antibacterial properties.

We’ve attained lotus leaf from one of the cleanest areas of Korea, Jeju Island, and extracted it into the cleansing foam.

Our formula contains 180,000ppm of lotus leaf extract, which helps soothe your skin while leaving you with clean and clear skin.

UPCYCLING INGREDIENTS FOR CLEAN BEAUTY: Every year 2.3 million tons of lotus leaf is being wasted just because it’s not big enough or pretty enough. We call those b-rated ingredients “refurbs”.

We’ve gathered lotus leaf “refurbs” and reinvented them into a value-added product. Luvum is constantly looking for ideas to that we can upcycle (upgrade & recycle) to support sustainability.

NO STRIPPING & LOW-PH: Our cushiony and luxurious lather helps your skin without stripping, while our special formula is tuned to coordinate with the most comfortable pH level for your skin.


1. Place an appropriate amount of the product in the palm of your hand and rub to create a lather.

2. Thoroughly wash the face by moving in a gentle circular motion. 3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.