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The History Of Whoo

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Special Set 7pcs

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    The History Of Whoo The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Special Set 7pcs

    The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Special Set

    This special skincare set provides maximum hydration to promotion supple and delicate skin.

    The set contains:

    Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturizing Balancer (150ml+20ml)
    Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturizing Balancer is a toner that hydrates dry skin. The Korean herbal formula improves the skin’s ability to purify, leaving skin sleek and moist.

    Product Features:
    • Hydrating:Contains an Oriental Herb Tonic that provides softness and moistness by supplying water essence to prevent skin dryness.
    • Improve skin texture: Improve skin metabolism and blood circulation, and restore elasticity, maintains clear and firm skin.

    Gongjinhyang Essential Nourishing Emulsion (110ml+20ml)
    Gongjinhyang Essential Nourishing Emulsion is an herbal nutrition emulsion that provides gloss and energy to skin by supplying sufficient nourishment and moisture. By penetrating deeply into skin, to keep your skin clean and healthy, also anti-aging.

    Product Features:
    • Hydrating:Contains natural moisturizing ingredients to stimulate the skin's viability and improves the ability to retain moisture.
    • Enhance healthy glow: Improve skin metabolism and blood circulation, make the skin looks and feels softer, smoother, and suppler with an overall healthy glow.

    Gongjinhyang Intensive Nutritive Cream (30ml)
    Intensive Nutritive Cream is a product of traditional beauty care techniques of the royal family. Through the principle of yin-yang harmony to keep skin balanced and the principle of increasing water and diminishing fire to moisturize the skin deeply, also enhances firmness and maximizes the skin's radiance.

    Product Features:
    • Anti-aging: Special modulation of the Polygonatum sibiricum extract with anti-aging effect.
    • Improve skin texture: Contains the Cornus officinalis, which can adjust the stratum corneum.
    • Whitening and moisturizing: Asparagus Lucidus Root Extract helps to whiten and moisturize skin, recover skin to natural gloss.
    Bichup Self Generating Anti-Aging Essence (8ml)
    The texture is refreshing and non-greasy, giving abundant moisture to the skin which is dull, lack of luster, complex and troublesome. It contains precious ingredients such as Gongchen essence, Qiongyu essence, and fresh essence, it contains rich ingredients such as velvet antler, angelica and ginseng to effectively repair skin and rejuvenate your skin!

    Product Features:
    • Self-repair: Repair damaged skin, strengthen skin self-repair, restore health, and regain youthful vitality.
    • Awaken the skin: Awaken the skin self-cognition, reshape the viability, and solve multiple skin problems such as dryness, dullness, and wrinkles.
    • Moisturizing: It improves the skin's circulation, supplies the nutrients needed by the skin, and strengthens the skin's self-repairing power, thereby improving the skin's texture.

    Gongjinhyang: Mi Luxury Lipstick (#No.45 Royal Red) (1PC)
    This Luxury lipstick incorporates the concept of traditional palace color, reinterprets the beauty of classical, and maintains the vivid colors throughout the day.it can improve the lip wrinkles, and provides moisturizing effect with the natural and delighting fragrance. Will not cause the lip color pale after remove the make-up, but glows a healthy and natural lip color.

    Gongjinhyang Essential Line Common Ingredients:
    • Deer Antlers Extract: Nourishing, moisturizing
    • Angelica Gigas Root Extract: Rich in Vitamin E, nourishing
    • Asparagus Lucidus Root Extract: Moisturizing
    • Acanthopanax bark Extract: Calm the skin, soothing sensitive

    Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Lipstick
    • Hongyu Baisan: Made of red jade paste and white sand soil. It makes the skin moist, firm and elastic, and improves the skin tone
    • Vitality Wuhuajin: It is extracted from five kinds of flowers, such as bell orchid, chrysanthemum, lotus, peony and plum blossoms, to improve the skin's complexion and enhance vitality