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COD Liver + Fish Oil for kids

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90 Capsules
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BIOISLAND COD Liver + Fish Oil for kids

Product Features:

Many mothers mix fish oil with fish liver oil, in fact, fish oil and fish liver oil is completely different. The main components of fish oil are EPA and DHA, while the main components of fish liver oil are vitamins A and D, different ingredients will naturally have different uses and efficacy. BIO-ISLAND's top baby cod liver oil contains scientifically reasonable DHA, EPA, OMEGA-3 and vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, so both fish oil and fish liver oil. It doesn't taste good! Unique small fish design!

Unique small fish type design!

Main ingredients:

Vitamin A, D,E and calcium

Suggested Usage:

28 days-1 years old 1 capsules 1-2 years old daily 2 capsules

2-4 years old 3 capsules daily

5-9 years old 3-4 capsules daily

4-6 capsules per day over 9 years old and adults

It is recommended that children under the age of 4 be cut or twisted in part of the capsule tail to squeeze the active ingredients into a drink or food when taking them

Origin: Australia