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4 Pieces Knife Set

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  • Kitchenwares
  • KKL507027
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    kool 4 Pieces Knife Set

    ● material: PP + TPR + 3cr/13
    ● food safe
    ● stainless steel

    4-Piece Knife Set (includes: 1 Fruit Knife, 1 Multi-Use Knife, 1 Santoku Knife, 1 Chef's Knife)
    The 4-Piece Knife Set is able to easily handle all soft and hard, raw and cooked ingredients for any dish, and is an essential tool for every kitchen.

    3" Fruit Knife, used for cutting fruit and vegetables, peeling and handling smaller ingredients.

    5" Multi-Use Knife The blade is long with a wide range of uses. It deftly handles different textured foods, including vegetables and meats

    7" Santoku Knife The multi-use kitchen knife, with a sharp slotted blade design, prevents ingredients sticking to the blade. Able to handle all kinds of ingredients using multiple cutting methods, including chopping, slicing and dicing.

    8" Chef's Knife The curved blade is long and sharp, with a wide range of uses. It is suitable for handling different textured foods, including vegetables, fish and meats.

    The red handle provides extra grip for the thumb and index finger. The ergonomic non-slip handle is comfortable and nimble, enhancing control and making the knife even easier to handle.

    Thanks to the hanging hole at the rear, which is useful for drying, the knife takes up less space. Our knives can be properly stored in the integrated storage compartment of the Basic Kitchen Set*, enabling knives and other utensils to be neatly separated.
    *The fundamentals sold separately