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Fragrance House

Reeds Diffuser - Carnival (Raspberry & Lemon)

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  • Diffuser Candle Perfume/Stick Parfum
  • FGH506360
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    Fragrance House Reeds Diffuser - Carnival (Raspberry & Lemon)

    Fragrance Strength:●●●●●●
    Top Note: Lemon
    Body Note: Raspeberry
    Base Note: Musk
    The splendid lights start the annual carnival celebration. The merry-go-round dances with cheerful music. The colorful illumination are dazzling under the turning of the Ferris wheel. Raspberry-sweet children chase and play, and the laughter resounds like a refreshing world. The lemon refreshes the heart, and the rich happiness stays in the sky for a long time.

    Carefully remove the stopper and put the reeds in. Put the right number of reeds in the diffuser. The more reeds you put, the greater the fragrance. Gradually increase the number of reeds you put so that you will not get overwhelmed by the strong fragrance. 'Place the diffuser above your waist and below your nose so that you can enjoy the fragrance. Place your diffuser in a high traffic area where the fragrance will disperse throughout the room with air circulation or just inside the room near the door so you pick up the scent as you enter the room. Flip the reeds for more fragrance. Fragrance House uses fibre reeds that do not require reeds flipping in general, but if you want stronger fragrance you can flip as many reeds as desired. Change the reeds when they get dusty. Use gloves when handling used reeds.