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Magic Living

Air purification wall-mounted cooling and heating bladeless fan 4319B

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    Magic Living Air purification wall-mounted cooling and heating bladeless fan 4319B

    1. Two-in-one design of wall-mounted and pedestal. It can be installed on the wall without taking up any floor or desktop space. It helps you use every inch of your home. It is an inevitable choice for Hong Kong families. And the installation is simple and convenient, without any additional accessories, just install and use and enjoy! The fan body is slim and mini, which can be placed on a desk, coffee table, office desk or on the ground, flexible and convenient.

    2. HEPA 13 high-efficiency filter can capture PM2.5 suspended particles and effectively block 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

    3. The ultra-wide-angle air supply can automatically swing around 60 degrees, manually adjust the up and down angle of 150 degrees, and the all-round ultra-wide-angle air supply, with a steady stream of cool wind, covers a wider area than traditional fans, and at the same time helps drive air circulation and convection, and promotes indoor and outdoor air exchange , Keep the home environment fresh and comfortable for a long time.

    4.3 cold wind speed selections Bring strong and smooth cool wind in summer. The strong air flow can accelerate the indoor air flow while being comfortable and cool. When used with air conditioner, the cold wind can be evenly blown to every corner of the room, keeping the coolness and saving electricity.

    5. PTC ceramic heating Built-in PTC ceramic heating element, 1350W high power and extremely fast heating, the temperature can reach up to 30 degrees

    6. No fan blade safety design No exposed rotating fan blades are installed, suitable for children or pets at home, to avoid injury caused by the fan blades, and the machine will automatically shut down when it falls.

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