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Dr. Arrivo The Zeus II Facial Treatment Device

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    ARTISTIC & CO. Dr. Arrivo The Zeus II Facial Treatment Device

    The anti-inflammatory and sedative effect has been upgraded, and the pulse can be introduced to the painful "mask muscle": the function of helping the beauty ingredients to be introduced into the depths of the skin. During daily maintenance, the macromolecular components cannot penetrate deep into the bottom of the skin, but only remain on the surface of the skin. The introduction of pulse effect is used to help introduce the macromolecular components, so that they can penetrate deep into the bottom of the skin and exert their effects.

    Four modes

    ・Optional LED: Equipped with 415nm, 530nm, and 620nm wavelengths of beauty-specific LED lights. With long-term continuous use, the skin will become finer and more beautiful.

    ・RF: Equipped with 200kHz radio frequency, gently warm the skin and make the skin healthier.

    ・MFIP/UP: By alternating the MFIP and UP modes, it is possible to expect improved skin firmness and moisturizing power.

    ・EMS: Different from the EMS contained in MFIP・UP, it is an electrical pulse mode specially used for the specialization of exercise muscles. Skin massage EMS for anti-aging care can be used every day.


    ・Complicated intertwining of current output methods can more efficiently improve ・the introduction rate and firmness of beauty ingredients in the original MFIP mode

    ・Number of guide heads: 4 to 9.

    ・Upgrade the patented MFIP technology to 9 MFIP, the current output has changed from the previous 16 channels to 24 channels, and the output is more intensive! The lifting and firming effect is fully upgraded.


    ・MFIP is a mode in which the UP/ultrapulse electroporation mode (EMS, introduction pulse, medium and high frequency wave) is rotated sequentially from each guide head of the instrument.

    ・MFIP is an intermediate frequency intermittent pulse. It is the company's own technology and has obtained a Japanese patent.

    ・The use of intermittent pulse current can not only reduce the burden on the skin, but also improve the introduction effect with a high-intensity current.

    ・Ultra-pulse electroporation mode: Feeling: as if a beautician is using acupressure techniques to care for a gentle tapping effect with moderate force

    ・By dividing the 4 guides into 1 group, 2 groups, and 3 groups to alternately release energy, you can feel it at the same time.

    3D movable nose

    ・MFIP is an intermediate frequency intermittent pulse. It is the company's own technology and has obtained a Japanese patent. Using a special head design structure, it can be freely rotated in all aspects, and can fit the facial curve with zero gaps, so as to achieve stress-free care.


    ・Guide head material: Titanium metal to 24K gold-plated guide head is more skin-friendly


    ・The MFIP mode of the tapping effect and the UP mode of the lifting effect achieve high moisturizing power and improve blood circulation by tapping and deep.

    ・Through the interaction of MFIP and UP, you can warm the depths of the skin and expect to promote blood circulation. It activates skin cells by promoting blood flow and activates the production of collagen, etc.

    import pulse

    ・Number of blue LED lights: 4 to 8.

    Medium and high frequency waves

    ・A function that can expect anti-aging effects.

    ・Helps sweat glands, blood vessels, and nerve metabolism in the dermis to be more active, creating smooth and delicate skin.

    ・At the same time, it can strengthen the role of fibroblasts in the dermis, enhance the productivity of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and create elastic and moist skin.

    ・It activates metabolism with a warming effect, promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, tightens, rejuvenates, regulates wrinkles and sagging, and greatly enhances the anti-aging maintenance effect.


    ・The function of making the muscles move unconsciously. The aging of the facial muscles will not only make the facial skin sagging, but also make it difficult for the beauty ingredients to be absorbed by the skin! It is not easy to create human expressive muscles with rich expressions. Training expressive muscles is not easy, and the expressive muscles used in daily life only account for about 30% of the whole.


    ・The face is the most exposed to the outside air and the part of the body that is most likely to catch cold. Through the 200kHz current, it can gently warm the skin and guide the skin to be more energetic. The high-frequency wave current rotates the polar molecules in the body to generate frictional heat (Joule heat). And this Joule heat can promote the circulation of blood and lymph, and then promote the metabolism of tissues

    1 Year Warranty

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